Bamboo Plywood - Carbonized

Bamboo Plywood - Carbonized Vertical GrainBamboo plywood--vertical grain--is made by laminating strips of bamboo turned on their edges so that the flat faces are pressed together. By using adhesives that are both strong and emissions free, Bamboo plywood can be cut and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment. It can also be glued or fastened using the same materials and fasteners commonly used with hardwoods. Bamboo is a low resin, open grained material that takes stains and finishes exceptionally well.

Carbonized bamboo may be called "caramelized". Carbonized bamboo is medium brown.

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Bamboo Plywood Inventory

Natural or Carbonized

1/4"  4'X8' 
1/2" 4'X8'
3/4" 4'X8'

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