Bamboo Plywood - Horizontal Grain

Bamboo Plywood - Horizontal Grain

Bamboo plywood comes in several forms.  Horizontal grain bamboo plywood is made in various thicknesses depending on the number of plys: 1/4 inch is 1-ply, 1/2 inch is 3-ply, 3/4 inch is 4-ply.  Bamboo strips are laminated edge to edge with the wider faces up to form the surface.  This method of production shows the "knuckles" characteristic in a bamboo stalk.

At the mill, Bamboo stalks are cut into strips, laid flat and laminated edge to edge to form horizontal grain plywood or turned on their sides to form vertical grain plywood.  Each process results in a unique look and a durable material that is dense and hard.

Horizontal grain bamboo plywood comes in two colors--natural and carbonized.

Bamboo is fast becoming a popular "green" building material for cabinets, furniture and flooring.

Horizontal Grain - Natural

Horizontal Grain - Carbonized

Bamboo Plywood Inventory

Natural or Carbonized


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4'X 8'


4'X 8'

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