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Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo Plywood - Vertical 3-Ply

Bamboo plywood has phenomenal strength, makes beautiful furniture and cabinets and is an ideal building material in the form of bamboo sheets or bamboo panels. Bamboo is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. It may replace popular hardwoods as a building material of choice.  It is 30% harder than oak and 17% harder than maple and resistant to molds, termites and warping. Bamboo plywood comes in several forms and is designated, according to the production method, as vertical or horizontal grain.  Natural bamboo plywoods are light in color and are sometimes called "blonde". Carbonized bamboo plywood receives a steam treatment that gives it a warmer color and is sometimes referred to as "amber" or "carmelized".

Bamboo Plywood

Vertical Grain Bamboo Plywood Horizontal Grain Bamboo Plywood
Natural Natural
Carbonized Carbonized
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Our Bamboo plywood sheets are 4' X 8' and available in natural or carbonzied finishes and vertical or horizontal grains.  The sheets are available in 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thicknesses. Below are some samples of bamboo panels and bamboo sheets:

Bamboo Panels - Bamboo Plywood - Bamboo Sheets
Natural Vertical Grain Bamboo Plywood Sheets.

Bamboo Panels - Bamboo Plywood - Bamboo Sheets
Carbonized Vertical Grain Bamboo Plywood Sheets.

Bamboo Panels - Bamboo Plywood - Bamboo Sheets
Natural Horizontal Grain Bamboo Plywood Sheets.

Bamboo Panels - Bamboo Plywood - Bamboo Sheets
Carbonized Horizontal Grain Bamboo Plywood Sheets.

Bamboo Plywood or bamboo sheets have become one of the most talked about building products in the last year, among green building professionals and architects. It is versatile and renewable. It is not a tree but a grass--bamboo can grow to maturity in as little as one growing season, yielding many harvests over a typical 25-50 year tree life cycle. Bamboo is typically harvested after only three years of growth but four to five year-old bamboo is a more stable raw material for the production of bamboo panels.

Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo panels and bamboo sheets provide for many current and future needs for sustainable raw material streams and is a valuable NTFP (non-timber forest product). Bamboo is used extensively around the world for construction materials including: roofs, walls, floors and concrete forms--because of its remarkable strength. Bamboo panels or bamboo sheets are also attractive materials for construction of cabinets, furniture and a myriad of household furnishings and products.

Bamboo Plywood - Vertical Grain Natural

After processing split bamboo with machines and glue, bamboo board can be produced for almost all purposes where timber is now used. Bamboo mats and slivers are hot-pressed to produce bamboo ply board. Bamboo ply board is very strong and it can be made water resistant for natural and carbonized bamboo plywood and panels. Vertical grain bamboo plywood and horizontal grain bamboo plywood are the most prolific forms of this new construction material and it is produced as natural or carbonized in color.

Bamboo Plywood
Bamboos are giant, woody grasses which put out several full length, full diameter, naturally pre-finished, ready-to-use culms ("stems") each year. A single bamboo clump can produce up to 9 miles of usable pole (up to 12 inches in diameter) in its lifetime. Bamboo (in the grass family) is amongst the most diverse group of plants. It is distinguished by a woody, hollow stem, complex branching and infrequent flowering.

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