Plywood Production Information

Through his travels to Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Latin America and other mills around the world, Peter Elieff has established invaluable contacts to get high quality hardwood plywood directly from the source. By working directly with the manufacturers, PWWP can better control the quality of the plywood products, the shipping, and offer more competitive prices to clients.

Logs Ready for ProcessingLogs Ready for Processing
These raw logs are ready to go into the mill for slicing or peeling--the first step in making veneer for plywood. Rotary veneer is produced by centering the log in a lathe and turning it against a broad cutting knife which is set into the log at a slight angle. Rotary cut veneer can be sufficiently wide to provide full sheet (one piece) faces. Plain slicing or cutting produces another grain pattern for book match or slip match veneers. They may also be rift cut or quarter cut--producing a straight grain.

Veneer WelderVeneer Awaiting Assembly
Pieces of veneer are welded together to produce a voidless sold core. Veneers are piled up waiting to be assembled into multi-ply panels.

Veneer GuillotineVeneer Factory

Face flitches are guillotined to produce perfect edges for final veneer assembly. Veneers are sorted for quality before lay-up.

Veneers Awaiting PressStacked Plywood Awaiting Containers
Veneer panels are prepped and readied for pressing.        Plywood stacks are ready for shipping containers.




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