Russian Birch Plywood

Russian Birch PlywoodRussian Birch plywood is a multi-ply, structurally sound, high-quality product that when used in furniture is appealing to the eye.

Available in an odd 5x5 format, Russian Birch is known for both its clarity and strength and is a high quality addition to the imported hardwood plywood market.  White Birch plywood is also available at PWWP.

Russian Birch plywood is manufactured with more plys than domestic plywood. Russian Birch plywood has uniform color that is easy to finish. The density of Russian Birch provides clean, uniform cuts and holds screws extremely well.

Dense, quality construction of Russian Birch plywood make it a favorite of cabinet-makers. The material has appealing aesthetic qualities and sands, paints and stains well.


Russian Birch Plywood Inventory


6mm 5'x 5'
9mm 5'x 5'
12mm 5'x 5'
15mm 5'x 5'
18mm 5'x 5'

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