Sapele Plywood

Sapele PlywoodSapele plywood is a stainable, decorative veneer. Sapele finishes and glues well.

A large African rain forest tree ranging from Sierra Leone to Angola and eastward through the Congo to Uganda. The heartwood ranges in color from that of Mahogany to a dark reddish - or purplish-brown. The lighter colored and distinct sapwood may be up to 4 inches thick. Texture is finer than that of Mahogany. Grain is interlocked and produces a narrow and uniform stripe pattern on quartered surfaces.

Sapele plywood works fairly easily with machine tools, although interlocked grain offers difficulties in planing and molding.

When compared with other hardwoods, Sapele plywood's color is said to be similar to African mahogany, and it has strength properties similar to oak. It is also distinguished for the array of interesting figures it yields.


Sapele Plywood Inventory



4'x 8' MDF Core


4'x 8' MDF Core G1S


4'x 8' MDF Core G2S


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