Sen Plywood

Sen PlywoodSen is a Japanese Ash with a tighter grain pattern than North American Ash. Color ranges from white to brown but white is the most often used.

The sapwood of sen is white, and the heartwood may be a pale yellowish brown to a grayish brown. There is no sharp line of demarcation between sapwood and heartwood. The figure produced by the large springwood pore zone suggests ash when flat sawn or rotary cut and American elm in quartered material. The wood is straight grained, lustrous, and similar to ash and American elm in texture

In Japan, sen is used in general furniture, interior trim, musical instruments, boats, and numerous construction and the manufacture of cabinets, chests, handles, plywood, miscellaneous articles.

In the United States, it is used primarily in the form of plywood for paneling and doors of cabinets.


Sen Inventory


4'x 8' P/S


4'x 8' G1S


4'x 8' G2S


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